Mission Statement

The Lebanese Information Center (LIC) was inspired by the need to make a positive difference in the decision making of various national policies. It analyzes the variables that shape up domestic politics and considers the impact of the regional and the international strategic and tactical changes to get a clearer vision of the future of Lebanon. The center seeks to prepare research papers, detailed studies and deep analysis about various political, humanitarian, legal and economic issues that might have crucial impact on the decision making of various Lebanese political groups. Our goals aim to defend our views about Lebanon. We subscribe to the following views about our country.


• A sovereign and independent nation, free from all non-Lebanese forces, armed militias and foreign interference.
• A parliamentary democratic political system harmonious with Lebanon’s religious diversity.
• A position for Lebanon as an influential regional key player in peace.


The Lebanese information center seeks to provide high level research in its different departments. As a result, LIC has defined its objectives that are listed below:

1. Connecting with national and international research organizations.
2. Highlighting problems in Lebanon at different levels.
3. Providing solutions to the problems through high quality research topics and other relevant means.
4. Organizing workshops and conferences in order to tackle common problems and needs.
5. Assist in implementing the solutions with relevant political entities.


To achieve our goals, LIC will develop and manage research initiatives, creating and enhancing spaces for researchers that promote integrated strategic studies. It will ensure dialogue and collaboration among its members. It will develop and expand as well research networks with international and local research centers, seeking in particular to strengthen relations with institutions who share with us our values and our goals and it will disseminate new research through its publications and research projects.